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Management Policy - Move outs

MySmartLease takes care of the complete move out process and we will inform you along the way of needs or concerns. Our goal is to quickly turn the property and re-rent the unit ASAP to minimize down time. This service is included in your full service package.

Owner involvement post tenant move out.

We understand some owners like to do their own cleaning and repairs after a move out. IF YOU DO KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND:

  • The state of California has a 21 day itemized disposition policy for move outs. No Exceptions!

  • You may NOT profit from a move out, so actual expense and actual receipt for actual damage this is the law. 

  • Wear and tear will not be charged to the tenant per the law.

MSL - Move out policy Effective 04/01/2019

Unfortunately, we have been sued several times because owners like to get involved in the move out process.  The expense, time, legal costs to the manage these cases will be passed along to owners.


1 -  If an owner gets involved in a move out and does not turn in the receipts within 14 days of the possession of the property then they are banned from further recovery from the deposit.

2 - If an owner wants to do the move out rent ready then please let the service coordinator know in advance so we can send you the deposit and the forms to complete the move out on your own. We will send you the deposit and notify the tenant to work with you directly on the move out.

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